Doruk's manufacturing process. A complete line-up of shotguns of every variety and gauge is offered including over and unders, semi-autos, single-barrels and pump-notions Doruk offers shotguns for the hunter and shooter, designed for every occasion.As a full Lie manufacitirer of Turkish made shotguns, Doruk offers consumer over 100 variations of more thrn 1 product lines from classical Impact Gladiapact to the new and exciting Poseidon and Attacker.Doruk Silah Co. are one of the world's leading shotguns manufacturer located in Beysehir, Konya - Turkey. 

For reliability, ergonomics, precision and safety fot those who want only the best.

The extra attention te detail assures smooth operation and flawless looks, adding longevity and integrity so that your shotgun will be good to go for next generation.

Eternal offers a wide range of products specially designed to provide comfort, safety, high performance and all quality.